.::. Membership
Companies providing trust and trustee services in Singapore may apply to join as ordinary members of the Singapore Trustees Association ("STA"). All other companies, corporations or individuals who are interested in the trust industry as a whole or in issues affecting the trust industry may join as corporate or individual associate members. Corporate members may appoint any one of its officers, directors, executives or other employees as its representative. The main difference between ordinary members and associate members is that an associate member does not have the right to vote in the election of committee members. However, an associate member may, if nominated and elected by the ordinary members, become a committee member.

Companies or individuals interested in joining the STA may send a completed and signed copy of the membership form together with a crossed cheque for the first annual subscription made payable to "Singapore Trustees Association" to the following address:

The Honorary Secretary
Singapore Trustees Association
10 Anson Road #26-08
International Plaza,
Singapore 079903

All membership applications are subject to the approval of the Executive Committee of the association.